Thank you for the love you show me to every step I take.
With your positive energy & your love, I get the strength and courage to keep going!
                  In all of my activities and for my music creations, I have been collaborate with people from different parts of the world,
this amazing experience helped me to learn more things about myself and the others around me!
The biggest lesson I got, it is that I should never have to judge a book by its cover,
because no one is simply that only appears to be, there is always something more!
In this experience, I also met precious and interesting people that it was meant to be friends.
Finally I would add that, aside from how we choose to live, we all hold within us, a living child in our soul!
Thank you for the love and the support, do what you want to do in your life,
life is short and can not wait ... Enjoy yourselves!                 

kisses and greetings Derek Liontis               


Original, remixed & LIVE !

Einai Omorfo[Tangled Up Remix]

1 track

Dream Boy

2 tracks

Strive Ki Ante Geia

1 track

Den tha me edo [ma philosophie]

1 track

akou me [deluxe edition]

15 tracks

XXX [sexual explicit lyrics]

3 tracks

SAVE ME [feat. Chris Winters]

2 tracks


3 tracks

Live Without You

5 tracks

S'agapousa mia fora (no vocals editing I unplugged)

4 tracks

Kano mia efhi [Christougenna]

Cristmass single

SEX SHOP [remixes]

4 tracks
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the story so far!

Theodore Derek Liontis born in Athens Greece on October 17, 1984,
He lived his childhood in Salamis and Athens, while round his teenage years were spent in London,
where he experienced and adulthood.

He started his career as an actor at age 14, the troupe Xenia Kalogeropoulou "magic scene", and continued with ancient drama.
At age 15 he began his first advertising, participating at other times as a model and sometimes as a character.
At 16 alongside the theater began working as freestyle & RnB dancer in various parties.
With the coming of age at 18 he made his first steps in the song, and aged 20 he began his studies on the economics.
After his degree in economics, he started studying music at the National Conservatory of Athens,
while he began his studies on the graphic arts.
In this area won several awards at international and domestic competitions,
and in the middle of 2014 creates the e-magazine LifeStyle Agenda.

He has worked professionally in theater, discography, directing music videos and commercials and versification.
He is the creator of songs and producer in his works,
also writes songs and is derivative and works by other artists.

He began his career as a dancer in night clubs & worked as a deejay.
In the first steps of singer, she appeared as an eccentric artist ...
and fashion people worshiped him calling him, the boy with the 100 persons ;.
As an actor he has played in performances for children and has been awarded at festivals for the project "PERSES - Aeschylus"
which traveled to all the major festivals in the country.
In 2008 he created his own show "Liontis & the Kinky Show" which lasted 3 seasons until 2010.
He has participated in several events and festivals such as:
the smile of a child, stop Aids, Athens Erotica Expo, Gay Pride (New York- Madrid) & Make a Wish.

The first of the CD is titled "listen to" and it is a job with disco sounds, house, pop, RnB, techno and electro ballads,
with Greek lyrics and many hits.
The second of the CD "XXX", released with English lyrics and spicy with purely dancing mood,
with funky vocals and electronic orchestrations that to rouse,
from this job by Derek Liontis gained his first big hit "Lady Doll".
In the next steps discography continued Singles in Greek and English.

He has worked with DeeJays and producers from various parts of the world as voice and lyricist on dance, electro, house & pop productions.
The important collaborations which began in 2011 with the Americans Funky Junction [Miami] & Chris Winters [Chicago]
while in 2014 there was the potential to represent Switzerland at Eurovision.
After this the experience, he chose to mature in the image and the music.
The new musical style is between alternative pop-rock, ballads and Latin rhythms,
in what particular lyrics ... what some call artistic.
The video and its appearance, has now chosen to follow what minimal and simple roads.

"I grew up and together me, it must grow up and what I love...my music first," he says,
loving embracing the past and the present ... the future is unknown!

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